White supremacist banner posted on Texas State campus

A banner that reads "America is a White nation" was posted on the Alkek Library building. Kaliegh Benck saw it on her way to get some work done.

“I went to the library and well I asked the receptionist ‘Did you know there's a white supremacist banner hanging on the library?’” said Benck. 

Officials removed the banner quickly. It also had a website posted on the banner. It did not work when Fox 7 tried to access it.  Student body president Connor Clegg feels the people doing this, are not students, or part of the university.

“These are people from the outside who come in and make a concerted effort to divide us as a student body and as a campus community,” said Clegg.

This is not the first time the campus has seen this. Just earlier this month, more fliers promoting white supremacy surfaced. Texas State said there have been five other occasions like this since November of last year.

“We're still not divided,” said Clegg.

Texas State officials said the president repeatedly condemns the messages. Campus police will continue to investigate these acts, and are increasing patrols.

Clegg said whoever is doing this has a goal to divide, but if anything, they are bringing the university community closer together.

“That is not my version of patriotism, that's not what anybody's version of patriotism should be. This country is stronger when we're together. We're stronger because of the immigrants who come to this country and we are stronger because of the diversity,” said Clegg.