WilCo deputy escapes being hit for the second time in 2 weeks

For the second time in two weeks a Williamson County deputy is caught on camera narrowly avoiding being hit by a runaway driver on traffic stop. But this time, the driver got away.

Deputies are anxious to find him.

Tuesday night, Williamson County Deputy Tabytha Horseman stops a man in Liberty Hill.

Sheriff Robert Chody says things quickly don't add up. "During the interview with the driver there was some information that wasn't making sense. There was no ID or DL produced by driver,” said Chody.

Horseman moves to open the door to take the driver in custody and he takes off.

You can see Horseman and a backing Liberty Hill officer running back to their patrol cars. They briefly pursue the man, but must call it off due to slick road conditions.

"There was something going on there. I believe he was wanted for something,” said Chody.

Just two weeks ago, the same deputy initiated a traffic stop on what appeared to be an intoxicated driver. He took off forcing her to grab onto the car and go for the ride.

"You can see the ground going by you. It's going by super fast. You can hear the wind. It's pretty scary,” Horseman told FOX 7 days after the incident.

Horseman was not injured.

The driver was booked in on aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon.

When Chody realized Deputy Horseman had a repeat event, he made it into work early to talk with her.

"We chuckled about it and said what are you doing,” said Chody.

In the new video she is noticeably standing farther away from the vehicle. "She's probably a little gun shy for lack of a better word,” said Chody. "Certainly the incident with Deputy Horseman opened our eyes to not just anything she necessarily did but reminding us of officer safety."

Chody says despite her now, two brushes with death, she is just fine. "She was like, didn't skip and beat and she's being as proactive as she's always been which is great,” said Chody.

Chody says the runaway vehicle is described as a 1999 white Ford Explorer.

The plates did not come back to any registration.

The driver is described as a white male in his mid 30s. They are working to find him.