WilCo deputy helps catch 4 'jugging' robbery suspects headed out of town

A Williamson County deputy helped put the investigative pieces together to catch four jugging suspects who were heading out of town.

A jugging crime is when people watch someone go to a bank or ATM and come out with money, then they follow them, break into their car, and take the money.

"This has become more frequent in the recent months, throughout the Austin Metro area. I would say almost daily," Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Feldmann said.

Deputy Feldmann said it happened in December in Cedar Park, a jugging incident that turned into a robbery. Investigators said the suspects had been watching a small business owner. They followed them, assaulted, robbed them, and fled.

"I recognized the bank that the victim was followed from as a previous investigation of mine knowing that it was kind of a similar incident from a similar bank," Deputy Feldmann said.

Deputy Feldmann was able to identify the suspects and vehicle descriptions, then contacted the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to let them know the suspects were probably on their way to Houston. Fayette County deputies and La Grange PD units stopped the two vehicles that were traveling together on Highway 71. 

The four suspects, John Carter, Roderick Glenn, Shawn Johnson, and Rodney Wilson were arrested. Law enforcement found a large amount of money in one of the vehicles and surveillance equipment used to watch targets.

Deputy Feldmann said it happened in December in Cedar Park, a jugging incident that turned into a robbery.

This was a joint effort from multiple departments to catch these suspects.

"Our investigative tools and abilities to investigate these offenses are getting better and better every day, and it’s just a matter of time until you are caught," Deputy Feldmann said.

Deputy Feldmann was recognized with a challenge coin for his work in solving this crime.

"I feel appreciative especially in today’s day in law enforcement to be recognized for investigative aspects of the job and to be able to be recognized for it," Deputy Feldmann said.

Two of the suspects are out on bond. The other two are still behind bars at the Williamson County Jail.