Williamson County sets $884 million bond election

Williamson County Commissioners called a bond election this fall. If passed, officials would get the go-ahead to spend more than $880 million.

Proposition A comes out to $825 million. All of it would go to improving roads.

"We need good transportation corridors for people to get to one place from the other," said Connie Odom, the director of Communications and media relations for Williamson County. "Then it also works when you have additional people on the roads, additional cars traveling on the roads, you're going to want to have perhaps additional capacity for that."

County officials are eyeing 38 projects across all four precincts.

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Some focus on right of way acquisitions, while others are full-blown construction projects like extending Kenney Fort Blvd. from Old Settler Blvd. to north of University Blvd. in Round Rock.

Instead of traveling by cars, Proposition B looks at how people are moving on foot: trails.

"Folks are needing to get from point a to point b, and a lot of folks like to do it outdoors, hiking, biking and that nature, and so we're making improvements to improve those connections between communities," said Russell Fishbeck, the Williamson County parks director.

If the bond is passed, $59 million would go to new and improved trails, recreational facilities, and future parks.

"We might be able to go out and acquire new land, new properties to build a new park in the future," said Fishbeck. "We don't know where that would be exactly, but we know that we've got a plan for it."

The county said the debt service tax rate won’t increase, but officials weren’t sure if the rate would change or remain the same if the bond fails.

"We just want people to know this election is coming up," said Odom. "We have four open houses that are coming up in October for people to come see our boards, talk to staff, find out about the projects, and we want them just to be educated about it before they go vote on November 7."

Early voting begins October 23 and runs through November 3.

The next open house is October 3 at the Georgetown Annex from 5-7 pm. You can find the full list online.