Williamson County Sheriff's deputies use PA systems to remind people to practice social distancing

With the stay home stay safe order in effect, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is looking at ways to help remind people at some of the busiest places like grocery stores to social distance.

Using their patrol units' PA systems, deputies will travel to popular places like the grocery stores and parks to remind everyone to social distance and follow the stay home order as more cases of COVID-19 are reported.

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“The sooner that we all comply with these orders the sooner the sooner we can get past this and move on to our normal daily lives," Lt. Grayson Kennedy said over FaceTime on what he’s seen out in public during this pandemic. "The vast majority of people are doing wonderfully at social distancing they are taking to heart what county leaders are telling them we appreciate that. There are some people here or there and it’s not so much of people defying that, I think it’s that they don’t know or forget at times because this isn’t a normal way of life that we are in right now."

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While the county has not issued any citations for violating the order, they are out to remind people on what happens if you do.

"As everyone I’m sure has heard it can be up to a $1000 fine and or 180 days in jail," Kennedy said.

The county now has a way to report those who do not comply with the order on the county website. The stay-at-home order is in effect for Williamson County and will continue through April 13th.

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In general, Kennedy says COVID-19 has changed the way everyone lives their lives right now, even for them as they still have to go out and keep the area safe.

“We’re kind of learning as we go but I think the command staff to the administrative staff to the deputies and the officers who are out answering these calls are doing a wonderful job," Kennedy said.

County residents can expect to hear the PA message throughout the county while the stay at home order is in place.


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