City of Georgetown announces park closures

In response to Williamson County's stay at home order, the City of Georgetown has announced citywide park closures. 

According to officials, the City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department will close all amenities and playgrounds that don't allow for physical distancing. Staff will begin marking off the areas starting March 25. 

Volleyball nets were taken down at San Gabriel Park, bathrooms were locked up with closed signs placed on them, and playscapes are covered in caution tape. “It’s not anything like it normally is with activities going on,” said Kim Hoerster who frequents the park.

The site of San Gabriel Park in Georgetown was shocking for Hoerster who stopped by to eat lunch. “I saw a few children out feeding the ducks over here when we were out eating in our car but normally you’d see lots of children out feeding the ducks,” said Hoerster. 

Residents can still walk or run on the trails during Williamson County's stay-at-home order, however, the closures of all the other facilities are something Georgetown has done at all their parks. “Georgetown is a community that is very outgoing lots of energy and people are out and about but now it’s pretty shutdown,” said Hoerster.

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With all these changes and orders in place from COVID-19, Hoerster is left wondering how long it will last. “The country just can’t stop working because people have notes and payments and that’s a scary thing and another scary thing is all the deaths that may occur,” said Hoerster.

Williamson County is reporting 22 cases of the virus as of Wednesday. In general, they want people to distance themselves by about six feet if they have to leave their homes.

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  • Playgrounds
  • Pavilions
  • Exercise equipment
  • Courts
  • Drinking fountains
  • Restrooms
  • Skate park
  • Gatehouse at Garey Park
  • Play Ranch at Garey Park

Open to the public: 

  • Garey Park (Operating hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Dog Ranch at Garey Park Equine amenities at Garey Park
  • Dog Ranch at Garey Park
  • Equine amenities at Garey Park
  • Bark Park
  • Trails
  • Open spaces

Park and trail users are encouraged to follow CDC guidance and practice physical distancing by remaining a minimum of six feet away from anyone you pass on the trails and avoid areas where people may gather. 


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