Williamson County Sheriff's deputy almost run over by driver

UPDATE: WCSO Sheriff Robert Chody identified the deputy involved as Deputy Horseman. 



A Williamson County deputy narrowly avoids being run over by a driver on a traffic stop.

The Sheriff says the driver was highly intoxicated.

It happened in a flash. Video proof of how a traffic stop can flip in an instant.

“He almost killed one of my deputies today,” said Sheriff Robert Chody.

Sheriff Robert Chody shared this scary dash camera clip from a rookie deputy’s patrol car. Chody says the deputy initiated a traffic stop along the 45 toll West of Round Rock when she noticed the driver, identified as Jonathan Nunnally, sitting through multiple light cycles without moving.

“What you don’t see in the video initially is the deputy is knocking on the window and at that point the driver of the vehicle wakes up and starts to drive off at a very slow speed. The deputy knocks on the window and opens the door and the driver stops,” said Chody.

She can be heard repeatedly asking for Nunnally’s drivers license and insurance.

His response is too jumbled to understand at times.

Chody says the deputy collected Nunnally’s keys and put them on the roof of the vehicle, feeling secure. But Nunnally has another set of keys, floors it and drives off with the deputy hanging on for dear life. “The deputy, while the suspect is driving off is trying to be pushed out, kicked out by the suspect I believe possibly trying to kill her,” said Chody.

Nunnally stops the car several hundred feet away, Chody says still fighting, at which point the deputy is able to tase him and arrest him. “He understood that she meant business and she wasn’t going away and he started complying with orders,” said Chody.

Nunnally is charged with aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon.

The deputy was not injured. Chody is praising her actions. “Who knows where he would’ve went, 45, 35 is right there as well. Had it not been for her or the sergeant and was able to help with the arrest him knows this could’ve been a different story,” said Chody. “It just amazed me to see how she handled herself. I’m very proud of how she handled this.”

Chody says marijuana and cough syrup were found in the car.

However, since the charge for the overall action was so great, the district attorney felt a blood alcohol test was not necessary. Nunnally has prior arrests for DWI, possession, credit card abuse and unauthorized use of a vehicle.