Williamson County Sheriff's Office purchases hovercraft

Williamson County emergency management officials say they have eight to 10 boats on standby tonight. Joining that fleet, is a new tool. The Sheriff's Office just purchased a hovercraft.

On Wednesday, deputies took FOX 7 on a hovercraft ride. Deputies got the idea to make the purchase after noticing a deficiency when it came to water rescues and their regular boats. The water would rise and fall so quickly, that they would get stuck on their way out to get a victim, or unable to get to EMS after picking a victim up.

With a hovercraft, water level is no longer a concern.  It sits on air cushions that raise it 10 inches above any surface.

"It's really going to fullfill that void that we had and being able to go places where the water maybe too shallow to take a boat, but too fast to put a rescue where in the water," said Lt. James David.

Taxpayers did not pay for the hovercraft. The Sheriff's Office used funds obtained through drug seizures to make the purchase.

The Sheriff's Office is the only law enforcement agency in the state that has one.