Williamson County Tax Office to be closed to the public Wednesday

Williamson County’s Tax Office in Georgetown will be closed to the public on Wednesday. While it is closed, employees of the tax office will still be inside hard at work trying to catch up.

"We have all available staff sitting at our counters, helping the customers that are in our lobbies, and needing service here at our offices. While that's happening, the other work that we have to get done is piling up mainly the stuff that's coming in the mail," said Williamson County Tax Assessor Collector Larry Gaddes.

Wednesday will be the day to catch up on that mail. The main reason the office needs a whole day is due to a staffing shortage. Currently, there are 30 positions filled and working the counter, but 10 positions still need to be filled desperately.

"We're doing everything we can to try to fill those positions. Number one, so that we can better serve the public. Number two, so that we can relieve our staff of the stress and frustration that they deal with every day," said Gaddes.

Gaddes says closing the tax office to catch up has happened before.

"We have closed our offices to the public: once in late October, we did it again right before Thanksgiving, in November, and we're doing it again tomorrow. It'll be a game day decision on if we're having to do it in January and in the following months," he said.

The tax office in Georgetown will reopen for regular business hours Thursday.

"I do apologize for the inconvenience that closing a government office creates to taxpayers. We were trying to minimize the impact on the public, but still be able to get a very important part of the work that we're required to get done," said Gaddes.

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