Williamson County vaccine providers work to make up appointments

Williamson County vaccine providers are working to make up roughly 12,000 appointments after last week's severe winter weather pushed them off.

Monday, thousands of cars lined up for the vaccine at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. For many, it was their second shot at the first, or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccination

"They rescheduled it." said Bonita Barr. 

"It was originally actually a week ago today." explained Jeff Petry. 

"It pushed back to today, so yeah, I got appointment cards all over my desk." laughed Peter Thune. 



Jen Stratton of Family Hospital Systems, the county’s vaccine provider, says it is going to be a "very busy handful of days while we get caught up." Stratton says the county was averaging approximately 3,200 shots a day at the Kelly Reeves site and about 1,000 a day at their Sun City site. But, says that number is expected to grow as they attempt to double-up to make up missed appointments. 

"It seems like the weather really messed everybody up, so I’m just happy to be here today," said Petry. 

Stratton, says Family Hospital Systems is leaning on volunteers and asking for patience as they work to make up appointments. 

"Just be patient. It’s all good, just be patient," said Peter Thune. 

Most people FOX 7 Austin spoke with waited an hour and a half to two hours for a vaccination Monday. "If wasn’t too bad they were very nice and we just brought all our little puzzle books and my kindle and games," said Linda Thune. She and her husband Peter Thune waited in line two hours for Peter’s first shot. "It’s all for our good and everybody’s working this hard for us."  she said. 

If you have not been contacted by Family Hospital Systems to reschedule your appointment in Williamson County you are asked to email: support@familyhospitalsystems.com. 

Officials in Hays and Travis Counties say their vaccine sites are also back up and running.