Wimberley Chamber: Businesses are open

Business leaders in Wimberley are asking tourists to come back and show their support.

The small hill country town hit by a devastating flood relies on tourism dollars to keep the local economy going.

"We don't want the natural disaster to turn into an economic disaster," said Cathy Moreman, the executive director of the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Dan Moore welcomes the site of shoppers walking in and out of stores around downtown WImberley.

"It's very encouraging and feels like we are coming back," said Moore.

He owns Santa Fe Connection and says with all the rain during the month of May business has been slow and even slower following the flood.

One of Moreman's concerns is that people may think Wimberley was washed away which isn't the case. While there are many people recovering and picking up the pieces Moreman says it is a balance to help people as best as they can.

"This has become a tourist town so for tourists to stay away it will harm our town now and who knows how much longer," said Moreman.

Wimberley Strong can be seen on signs around the town.

"We did some shopping and everyone is grateful to see us," said Christina Omli who is visiting from California.

The first Market Days since the flood is scheduled for Saturday. The shopping day attracts people from all over and Moore hopes that will be the case this weekend.

"It could be one way or the other but I sure hope it's packed and that way people see we are on track and not forgetting about what happened but moving ahead," said Moore.

Some of the proceeds from Market Days to the Wimberley Lions which supports local non-profits.

It runs from 7 am to 4 pm.