Wimberley HS students memorialize Parkland Shooting victim's with peaceful protest

About 60 Wimberley High School students walked out of class Friday to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting and to request a seat at the table in regards to their safety.

Sophomore Gabi Perez organized the protest and said she wanted the student’s voices to be heard. "After the Parkland Florida shootings the collective student body really saw that we needed a change and it really hit us closely because we are just like those students,” Perez said.

“It could just as easily happen to us the next day like we really don't know our time is going to come so I think it's really important to try to tell the adults that we should have a Voice in making decisions that regard our own lives."

The students had a moment of silence for the 17 Florida students who were killed they also released balloons in their memory. Superintendent Dwain York said the students had full staff support. "You saw that it was very peaceful I was very appreciative in fact I thank them for their conduct," York said.

However, some community members weren't happy with the protest.

Billy Mantooth said a student’s sign read requesting stricter gun laws.

"I would like to say it is an issue our kids need to be safe in schools but there are other ways to do it than taking rights away from law abiding gun owners of America,” Mantooth said.

Terri Brimm is a WHS parent who disagreed and said stricter gun laws are needed to keep students safe. "It is time that we stood up as parents and as the future to say enough, enough this is our future and they are being killed off," Brimm said.