3D-printed homes being built in new Georgetown neighborhood

The bidding process to buy into a new Georgetown neighborhood has started. This new neighborhood also represents how the home building industry is buying into the 3D construction process.

Wolf Ranch Genesis will have 100 3D printed homes when it is built out. The process to sign up for the first six homes started with the winners of a lottery being selected on June 3.

Lennar homes partnered with ICON to build out a unique project with homes as expensive as $580,000.

"It's a statement year. This is the year that 3D printing starts to get utilized at scale. But, we also know that we have a long way to go. We think 100 homes is a good representation of what the world needs. We need way more than 100 homes to actually make an impact. We look forward to," said Conner Jenkins with ICON.

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Photo courtesy: ICON

The goal is to use the application to build more affordable homes.

"The homes are going to be more sustainable, more environmentally friendly. All of these homes are being built with solar panels. And so the sun is going to energize and power these homes, which not only is going to be better for the environment, but it's going to cost less to our customers. I certainly think that going forward, we're going to see more and more homes built using the 3D print technology," said Charlie Coleman with Lennar.

A competition is being done this summer to come up with new ideas for new affordable designs. ICON is asking designers to enter Initiative 99. The winning designer gets a million dollars, and the design will be a showcase model.