Woman armed with shotgun demands money at Cedar Creek convenience store

A woman packing a shotgun tries to rob a convenience store and now the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office is looking for her.

The scenario is rare for investigators but they say there is just as much concern.

The Bastrop County Sheriff's Office's newest wanted criminal is a shotgun-wielding female robber.

The woman hit the Sac N Pac Convenience store off Highway 71 in Cedar Creek Thursday morning just before 6 a.m.

Sissy Jones with the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office says, "She pulled the shotgun and pointed it at the clerk and demanded money from the register. The clerk screamed and ran off into another area of the store. The suspect then just left the facility."

Although the person's face was covered, the clerk told deputies she could tell it was a woman because of the look of her hands and the sound of her voice.

The only description the clerk was able to give was that the woman was African-American. She was wearing a red hoodie and green mask.

Witnesses told deputies the woman ran from the store parking lot heading east so there is no vehicle description.

The sheriff's office is anxious to find her

"Still a concern to us. Regardless of male or female suspect, we're still concerned. She's pointing a gun, a shotgun at a clerk. That concerns us. So we're definitely wanting to identify our suspect," Jones says.

If you recognize the woman or have any information that could help investigators solve this crime call the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office at (512) 549-5063.