Woman helps mom with crying kids on plane: 'Please be kind'

Credit: Kesha Bernard/Facebook

A woman shared her experience on Facebook after she helped a woman whose children were crying on a flight. She had a simple message: 'Please be kind.'

"Here I am on vacation away from my kids (who I absolutely love to death but sometimes you need a break from toddlers) and Im flying with an infant on my lap. Why? Because Im a decent human being," Kesha Bernard wrote on Facebook.

Kesha said she was waiting for a packed plane to take off from Seattle when she heard a baby crying. Then a second baby started crying. She saw that one woman on the plane was trying to console two crying babies on her own.

"I hear 2 kids crying (holy s!#$ right?)this lady has her toddler having a full blown melt down over her seatbelt being on (toddlers are dramatic thats nothing new) No problem.....I have mom powers and totally ignore it."

She says what she couldn't ignore was how people treated the woman who was desperately trying to console the kids.

"I hear a woman complaining to this mother (thats alone with 2 crying kids) that her child need to stop kicking her seat. THEN I hear the mother say "shes 3 I cant believe you just did that" apparently the lady reached behind her and grabbed the childs leg."

Kesha says people were staring at the mother and muttering and one woman was even covering her ears and "making the ugliest faces at this mother".

So Kesha got up, went a few rows back, and asked the mom if she needed help. The woman quickly handed Kesha the baby. 

"So ya know I take her baby and then I have to go sit down for take off.......the crying stopped😱😱😱 (its a miracle👀) so Im sitting here holding this precious baby that so happens to fall asleep (swooooon)."

Her point?

"Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another...it makes everything easier. I promise you wont die."