Woman pulled from submerged vehicle near Elgin

A woman was pulled from her submerged vehicle after she drove through water near Elgin. It happened on Littig Road south of 290.

The woman's vehicle, a Honda Fit, was still in the water at around noon. Hours earlier the driver sat on the window frame until rescue crews could get to her.

When FOX 7 arrived, firefighters were walking the woman out of the rushing water which they say was up to their armpits at one point and even went over one of the firefighter's heads when he made entry.

Travis County firefighters say the woman drove into water on the roadway at 8:30 a.m. this morning. Her vehicle was swept into the ditch. She crawled out and called 9-1-1. Firefighters could not safely get to her until 45 minutes after arriving. They used lines to connect to one another so they wouldn't get overtaken by the current.

Once out, she refused medical treatment and left.

Travis County Fire ESD 12 Fire Chief Ryan Smith says it's a reminder as to why emergency crews caution everyone, barricade or not, to not drive into water because of the dangers not just to those driving but also to rescuers.

"Just know that if you're from around the area and you know where they have low water crossings, be cognizant they are gonna flood. Turn around don't drown as we all preach on everybody's websites in the county and city."

APD's chopper Air One was brought in in place of STAR Flight which is not conducting rescues right now. APD flight officers are trained to handle these calls though. They have a rescue barrel which is essentially a cage they can lower down to someone and pull them to safety. That was not needed today.