World premiere of "A Quiet Place" at SXSW

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Director/actor John Krasinski talks on the "A Quiet Place" red carpet on opening night of the SXSW Film Festival at the Paramount Theatre.

“A Quiet Place” is a new horror expected to spook audiences. It's about a family living in the woods, quietly, so they won't be hunted by creatures that hunt by sound.

“Sound becomes another character in the film, it becomes another element of fear,” said Emily Blunt, actress. Cast and filmmakers stopped at Austin's annual South by Southwest Conference and Festivals for the world premiere Friday.

“I love Austin. This is not my first time and it will not be my last,” said John Krasinski, actor and director.

They think audiences will enjoy the unique approach to this film but also connect to the family on screen. “The reason I connected so strongly with the original script is the family aspect, the idea of a family going through a whole lot and trying to protect their kids, but it is scary,” said Blunt.

When he first heard about the project, director and "The Office" alum John Krasinski was excited. “I was extremely nervous, extremely terrified, all those things I needed to be in the movie so it was an easy yes for me,” said Krasinski.

The stars say, this project was so different, because dialogue is almost non-existent in the movie.

They used sign language.

The only cast member who knew it already was deaf actress Millicent Simmonds. “It challenged me as an actress because she's a depressed character it's a very frightening environment,” said Simmonds.

“It's amazing to learn it with Milly because I wanted to be friends with her and they way to do that was to learn it,” said Noah Jupe, actor.

“A Quiet Place” is hoping to take horror film lovers back to the silent film era, yet bringing in some new scares. “Yes it's intense and yes it's incredibly high octane when it comes to the scares, but there's a deep emotional core to it. You care so deeply for this family and their plight,” said Blunt.

You can catch the movie everywhere, April 6.

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