Youth sports coach honored with Super Bowl tickets

Leo Jackson, a youth sports coach from St. Paul, Minnesota, has dedicated his life to helping kids grow. Now, as a way of saying thank you for everything he’s done, the mayor of St. Paul has given him tickets to go to the biggest game of the year with his son, Leo, Jr.

Jackson was awarded the tickets in honor of his years of service to the youth of St. Paul, in a ceremony attended by the mayor himself and Minnesota Twins star Joe Mauer.

Of course, as someone who has spent his life helping others, Jackson was most excited not for himself, but for his son.

“I just had a conversation about having an opportunity to go to a Super Bowl,” he said. “And I was talking about my son. Everybody in here that knows my son knows that he loves the game more than I do, so I’m just happy for him.”

The emotional ceremony left Jackson in tears, but he was quick to let everyone know how he really felt.

Said Jackson, “I’m crying with joy right now!”