Zilker Holiday Tree lit up for the 53rd year

The Zilker Christmas Tree was lit up for the 53rd year tonight! 

The tree stands at 155 feet tall and is made of 39 streamers. Each streamer holds 81-multicolored bulbs, totaling 3,309 shining lights. On top of the tree rests a double star measuring 10 feet from tip to tip.

The tree measures 380 feet in circumference and its base is made of 19 utility poles each measuring 14 feet tall! 

The first tree was lit on December 10, 1967, 52 years ago. 

The City of Austin recommends that you plan your trip if you want to see the tree this year in person. There will be free on-site parking December 1-6, but parking from December 10-23 must be pre-paid. 

For the full parking Zilker Holiday Tree schedule, click here