Bee delay at Round Rock Express game

It was rare 11:35 a.m. start for the Round Rock Express and an even rarer bee situation behind home plate. 

Apparently the queen bee wanted to hang out on the radar gun so the swarm followed. The game was delayed roughly about 40 minutes before a local beekeeper saved the day.

"A baseball diamond is a natural attraction for bee's for a whole lot of reasons but I've always hope for something like this, as a beekeeper it's like having a trophy on your shelf, you know you want to do bee removal from a baseball game," said Konrad Bouffard owner of Round Rock Honey.

The bees watched the rest of the game with a breathable net on them and will be removed later.

There was an even scarier situation when Round Rock's Anthony Carter hit Oklahoma City's Zach Walters in the face with a pitch. Thankfully Walters get up relatively quick.

Round Rock ends up losing 9-5.