Brother and sister baseball duo

The Cedar Park Summit Christian Academy baseball team is doing things a little different this season. By using the sister and brother combo of Bailey and Cody Vannoy.

"What made me want to play is I was just doing it because I love it and I was going to be on the same team as my brother and that was pretty cool," says Bailey, the freshman catcher. 

Cody, the sophomore pitcher, adds "My sister and I have been playing, her softball and me baseball, since we were four-years-old. So to play on the same team finally is something not a lot of teammates, even siblings, get to do."

Summit doesn't have a softball team which allowed Bailey to tryout for baseball.

"She's a monster out there and a killer and they work together, they work great together. They're two pea's in a pod," said Gabe Garcia, a junior catcher. 

Bailey, who was keeping stats for the team last season, is the first female to play baseball at summit and she and her brother are a big reason they're in the tapp's 2-a playoffs for the first time in school history."

"We really want to advance to show that even if we have a girl on the team because some guys they may treat us like a joke or whatever it is we want to show that she can play and we're willing to play too."

"I think at first they were like we have a girl on the team. Once they realized that I'm not here to show them up or whatever. I'm here because I really do love the game. I'm doing it because i just want to help them and be an advocate to the team make history and make it to the playoffs," says Bailey. "We actually just played another team that had a girl so you can see how one girl translates to we have two girl in our district. It's something special and something you don't get to see."