FOX 7 Football Field Trip: Leander Glenn & Plugerville Weiss

Leander Glenn and Pflugerville Weiss are two first year programs that are destined to become district rivals.

It's easy to see how a new rivalry could be brewing in the area between the Weiss Wolves and the Glenn Grizzlies.

Glenn head football coach Rob Schoenfeld says, "Without question. The two schools are going to be rivals. We're going to be the same size for a good while. Probably going to be in the same district for a good while if not forever."

Tom Aultman, head football coach at Weiss, agrees. "Yeah you do feel that connection just being a new school. They opened a year before us."

"Coach Schoenfeld and I talk about it all the time. Everybody wants to make us a natural rival but our kids don't really know each other so it makes it kind of interesting," Aultman says.

But what the players of both of the programs do know is a motivation to make a splash in year one which may be due to the fact that the so called experts have picked the newcomers to finish near the bottom of District 13-5A Division II.

"Oh yeah that's what we want. We want that little knock off. That little doubt you know so we can just completely overtake them," Weiss wide receiver Stewart Miller says. "Do what we do."

"It motivates us a lot," Glenn wide receiver Sam Martin says. "We've been together. We've been pushed to the side. We've been underdogs for a long time. Now it's time to show them."

The two squads might be new to full fledged varsity competition but both played what's called acclimating schedules a year ago made up of both varsity and junior varsity opponents.

Against those schedules Glenn went 6-4 and Weiss went 8-2. The solid records give both teams hope for some wins now that the games will really count.

Glenn offensive lineman Jacob Trim says, "It gives us some pretty good things to lean on because the teams that we faced last year we just base our stuff off of that. They were pretty good teams. So were we. I feel like we can compete with any team out there."

Weiss quarterback Jackson Sandlin also feels like his team has nothing to worry about. "I guess the only difference from last year is the speed of the game. Once we get adjusted to that we're going to be perfectly fine."

There is one big difference between the two teams. Glenn High School has seniors in its program. Weiss, with no senior class on campus yet, does not.

"We were always the smallest team. Most of our opponents were bigger than us. If they were bigger then they'll be bigger now. We can still push and fight like we did last year. We still have that fighting edge," Weiss running back Jaden Askew says.

The Glenn seniors are hoping to make the most of their first year on varsity.

Glenn wide receiver Khorin Thompson says, "This our time right now as seniors. No matter if its first year, second year, third year. No matter what it is."

"We always, always, always are not going to look at ourselves as oh we'll take forever just to be great. We got to be great now," Thompson says.