Longhorns football team remains optimistic despite recent losses

Frustration is likely mounting for University of Texas Longhorns football coaches, players, and fans and it can't be too much of a shock.

The Horns have been suffering late-game collapses and blown double-digit second-half leads resulting in three straight losses.

Despite the losing streak, head football coach Steve Sarkisian continues to remain optimistic.

"You sit here at 4-4 - and all of us in here can probably count on one hand - plays that would have us at 7-1 and this is a much different press conference," Sarkisian said after the team's recent loss to Baylor.

The team is all but out of contention for the Big 12 title and is looking for new motivation and thirsting for confidence.

"At some point to triumph and do something special, you have to struggle and clearly, we're in the midst of the struggle," Sarkisian says.

The Longhorns head into its next game against Iowa State as an underdog. 

A missed tackle here, a blown assignment there, a case of the drops against Baylor is all part of the inconsistency that has the Horns sliding but at the same time feeling close to a breakthrough.

"Yeah - absolutely! I mean - I feel we have great talent on this team to go as far as anybody in the country," says Bijan Robinson.

Keondre Coburn agrees with Robinson's assessment. ""I do, I honestly do feel like we're a dangerous team - a dangerous team that just hasn't finished yet - hasn't finished dangerously. It does take time and it doesn't take just one person - I think it takes everybody and I thnk we are at that point where everybody's like 'ok now - enough is enough'!"

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