Man who went to 1945 World Series hopes to get tickets to see Cubs play again this year

FOX 32 NEWS - The last time the Cubs were in the World Series, the Internet did not exist and there were no such things as GoFundMe campaigns to raise money.

Now, an Elgin man who attended the 1945 World Series is hoping a GoFundMe campaign can get him to another one.

“Phil Cavaretta was on first, Don Johnson was on second, Lem Murilla was short, Stan Hack was at third,” said Jim Schlegel.

The words don't come as easily as they did 71 years ago, but 97-year-old Jim Schlegel can still rattle off the Cubs starting lineup from the last Cubs World Series, in 1945. Schlegel was there for games six and seven. He'd been in the Army and was at Pearl Harbor in 1941. He came home to Chicago a few days before the 1945 World Series began, and he hopped a streetcar to Wrigley Field on the morning of game six, looking for tickets.

”I got there seven o clock in the morning, I went on Waveland Avenue, there was a short line already, so I just stood there in line, a policeman come by, and he says, soldier, what the hell are you doing here, and I said, I want to get in the game, he says, come here, you don't have to pay for a game, you're a soldier,” Schlegel said.

Lots of returning Servicemen got free tickets to the World Series that year. Schlegel's family is hoping he can make it to a game this time around. They're asking donors to contribute to a GoFundMe page. Their goal? Come up with ten thousand dollars, which is enough for one or two tickets.  As for predictions, Schlegel doesn't see the Cubs losing the series, like they did 71 years ago.

“The Cubs will win it in seven. Or earlier. Alright?” Schlegel said.

Schlegel's family says the pledges have been coming in all day. One donor even offered them a ticket to one of the games in Cleveland. He said, no thanks, he wants to go back to Wrigley Field, just like he did in 1945.

Schlegel says his favorite players are Addison Russell, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. But he says Wilson Contreras might earn the series MVP.

By the way, the GoFundMe page, titled "Get my Grandpa to the World Series" has raised more than $3,700 so far.

The Cubs played the Detroit Tigers in 1945 for the World Series and ended up losing in seven games.