Manor High School football team prepares for Class 6A

The FOX 7 Football Field Trip kicks off with a trip to Manor and a look at the Manor Mustangs high school football team.

The Mustangs are moving up to Class 6A, and they're doing so with lots of confidence and talent.

Head football coach James Keller is going into his 17th year at Manor, and he says he's seen some talented squads, but none more loaded than this year.

"As far as talent-wise. Definitely one of the best teams we've had," Keller says.

What kind of talent?

"I feel like we could probably be the best in the state in my opinion. I don't think there's too many teams out here that can mess with us. Just the size and speed, and intelligence we have," says senior defensive lineman Jayden Cofield.

"It's a lot of everything on this team. Everybody's nice. Lot of D-1 players on this team," adds sophomore quarterback Quintaelyn Joyner.

Players like USC-bound senior running back Quinten Joyner, one of the nation's best. Joyner ran for under 2,500 yards and 30 plus touchdowns as a junior.

"It was like fun during the season. My offensive line was like good last year. And I got like the same offensive line this year. So, I feel like it's gonna be a better season. We're gonna do some great things this year," Joyner says.

Keller says he sees the players coming together as a group. 

"They're playing hard together. Once everything gels. Looks like it's going that way. We're gonna be really hard to stop," Keller says.

Something that makes it even more special, Quinten gets to play with his younger brother Quintaelyn who is now the new Mustangs starting quarterback.

Quintaelyn says, "This is my dream. I wanted to play with him in high school. I couldn't play with him last year though. So, this year I came out and played with him and that was nice."

"It's gonna be fun this year with him in the backfield, me and him. Because he can rip the ball. I can go run the ball. Score some touchdowns. Catch the ball out of the backfield," Quentin says.

Keller adds, "It's gonna be great because people are keying on trying to stop Quentin. We've got Quintaelyn coming at them the other way. Not only Quintaelyn. We got a great tight end. We've got great receivers. And the O-line's off the chain."

"They're working hard. And I just hope that we meet the expectations that they have set for themselves, and I've set for the team," Keller says.