North Texas high school basketball game ends with brawl

Both the Duncanville and DeSoto school districts are investigating a fight that happened on the court during a boys’ basketball game Tuesday night.

Video of the brawl shows players run onto the court at the end of the game in Duncanville, which DeSoto won, 67-46. Coaches, referees and parents try desperately to separate the players and ultimately uniformed officers arrive.

“Fighting will end up with a one-game suspension,” the announcer says. “Are you ready to be suspended for your next game? Do you want to be suspended for your next game? Calm down. Go home.”

The announcer also warned people that throwing objects on the court could result in an arrest.

Student Joseph Gossett, senior, said he was shocked at what happened.

"Everybody was trying to leave early because of traffic then we turned around, I had almost fell because people were pushing and shoving. We look on the court and everybody is fighting and its like wow," Gossett said.

The video was posted on Twitter by Jabari Johnson, a retired professional basketball player who founded The Heads Up Foundation in Dallas. The non-profit organization uses sports as a way to mentor and educate youth.

"I hate we had to witness this ugly scene tonite there's no place for this in the game of 🏀. Players suffered injuries & its likely that suspensions will impact both teams moving forward smdh,” Johnson wrote.

Both school districts issued statements saying they do not condone the actions of the young men involved in the altercation.

“Duncanville ISD school administrators are working closely with DeSoto ISD to review what happened. The review process will identify who was involved and determine appropriate discipline,” Duncanville ISD said.

“We are working with Duncanville ISD's athletics administrators and school administrators in addition to UIL to determine who was involved, where discipline is applicable and what next steps are in order as a result of last night's incident,” DeSoto ISD said.

The school districts are also reportedly working on a way to prevent future incidents.