Reports: Aqib Talib may have shot himself in leg

Denver-area media outlets reported Monday that Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib may have shot himself in the leg accidentally early Sunday morning in Dallas.

Four rapid pops of gunfire can be heard on cell phone video obtained by TMZ of the early Sunday morning shooting at V Live Club in Dallas off Empire Central near I-35E.  A Dallas police report released Monday evening puts Talib at the night club and says the shooting is initially being investigated as an aggravated assault.

Reports on Sunday said Talib was shot in the leg by someone at the strip club, but media reports on Monday now make it unclear who shot who. Dallas police have said that one person who was shot at the club arrived needing treatment at Medical City Dallas early Sunday morning.

Some on Monday were comparing Talib’s situation to Plaxico Burress, the former New York Giants WR who accidentally shot himself in the leg and went to prison for having a gun in a nightclub. But it hasn’t been officially confirmed if Talib shot himself.

Attorney Toby Shook, not involved in the case, said the high publicity means police will take their time.

“They know that the press and the public are very interested in this case. So they are going to go the extra mile to thoroughly investigate,” Shook said. “They are going to be pulling video from everywhere to see if they can get any confirmation and talk to every witness they can.”

Talib's wife Gypsy answered the door of their $2 million, 8,000 square foot home in Allen on Monday and declined to comment about her husband's condition or how he was shot. Talib grew up in North Texas and graduated from Richardson’s Berkner HS.

Talib is in the middle of a 6-year $57 million contract with the Broncos. A team PR employee tweeted Sunday that Talib was expected to recover from the gunshot wound.

It remains unclear what, if any, charges Talib could face or how the NFL could sanction Talib.

Shook said details like who fired the gun, what their intentions were and if it was inside or outside the club all come into play.

“If the facts show that he actually discharged his own weapons, but he did so in a club, he was in a club with a gun and that's a third-degree felony,” Shook said.

Talib wasn’t present with his teammates on Monday when the Super Bowl champion Broncos visited President Obama at the White House.