Retired Huston-Tillotson track coach still impacting lives of local athletes

Longtime Huston-Tillotson track coach recently retired from the college game but he's far from done impacting the lives of local athletes.

At 66 Ware is still holding his own. He coached at Huston-Tilltson for 22 years before recently retiring and has coached for 40 plus years for his Austin Striders track club.

"This keeps me going. I love the kids. I wish I could've stayed at Huston-Tillotson but it was time to go. I had a great run there. I did great things for that school. It's one of these things when it's time to go," Ware says.

And does Ware ever see himself officially retiring for good?

"I tell you what I tell my twin brother and I told my coaches. When I die y'all put me in a coffin. Just take me around the track in a hearse one time.  I know that's not gonna happen, but I said that's all I want.  Because this is what got me started. That's it," Ware says.

Ware says he's opening a branch of his track club in Louisiana.