Severe weather diverts Texans to Dallas

Following the Houston Texans 13-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, head coach Bill O'Brien announced that the team would fly to Dallas on Saturday night to avoid the severe weather in Houston as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey.

O'Brien said he was certain that the team would be able to work cooperatively with the Dallas Cowboys on determining a practice schedule. He added that no decision was made concerning the Texans-Cowboys game scheduled to take place on Thursday at NRG Stadium.

The Texans released the following statement late on Saturday night:

Due to flooding in Houston and to ensure the safety of our players, coaches and staff, the Houston Texans will fly from New Orleans to Dallas tonight. The team will return to Houston as soon as it is safe to travel back. There have been no decisions made on the duration of our stay in Dallas or on details regarding our preseason game against the Cowboys on Thursday. Regular updates will be provided as we have more information. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Regarding the team flight to Dallas, quarterback Tom Savage said, "It's a shame, you know, a lot of the guys , we wanna be back with their families, I mean, we're praying that everyone's safe back home."

"I wanna go home but (I) hope everything('s) all right back there with families and everything, just the city itself," said Jadeveon Clowney. "I hope everything will be OK."

"I'm just praying for everybody back in Houston, hoping everybody's safe," said Texas tight end Ryan Griffin. "My wife is back there, hopefully, you know everybody took the correct precautions and hopefully, everybody's doing well."

"We'll adapt," said Texans linebacker Brian Cushing about flying to Dallas to avoid severe weather conditions from Tropical Storm Harvey. "We'll get through it. You know, obviously praying for everyone back home and everyone's safe and staying indoors until the, you know, storm passes, but we'll get over it, you know, we'll still get our work in and our film. Just whenever we get the chance to go back home, we will."