WATCH: Fear of football, a discussion about safety

Dan Neil, a former professional football player for the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos and All-American at the University of Texas, discusses football safety and techniques


Football is a contact sport and there are plenty of medical professionals and former players who refuse to let their children play football.

According to a 2012 University of North Carolina report, 25 high school football players died between 2003 and 2012 from injuries directly related to football. They did not factor in players who may have died from heat stroke.

In another study on tackling by the National Athletic Trainer's Association, researchers found that neck injuries on the football field can be attributed to several factors: first, the position a player plays.

Defensive linemen take more helmet-to-helmet contact than any other player on the field. Differences in physical maturity, neck strength and endurance can also be a factor in injury. Technique on tackling taught to players by coaches and finally equipment may play a factor.

If the helmet or shoulder pads aren't fitted correctly, that can lead to serious injury.