Weatherford college pitcher tackles opponent during baseball game, video shows

A junior college in Weatherford says police are investigating after one of their baseball team's pitchers plowed into a player on the other team during a game in Weatherford.

Weatherford College was facing Gainesville’s North Texas Central College Wednesday afternoon.

The game was at the top of the sixth in a seven-inning game.

Weatherford's Owen Woodward was the pitcher while NCTC’s Josh Phillips was the hitter. A two-run home run gave NCTC the lead.

Phillips didn’t appear to be slow trotting or showboating as he rounded second base. 

Video shows Woodward slamming his glove on the ground and then sprinting toward and flattening Phillips.

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Eventually, the umpires suspended the game.   

Weatherford's head baseball coach said in a Twitter statement that the team is shocked and disappointed and completely embarrassed. He said the pitcher, Woodward, could even be expelled from school.

We haven't heard about any injuries, but both players were up and walking right after the incident.