Central Texas severe weather risk lowered, high winds biggest threat

The Storm Prediction Center continues to lower the severe weather risk for Central Texas

Good Day Austin meteorologist Zack Shields says a cluster of severe storms will form along dry line and will become a stalled front north and west of Austin and then will push eastward. Zack says this will put us on the southern end of the broken line storms as they get their start around the I-20 corridor in North Texas.

Even if the storms make it in and that is a big if, they won't impact Central Texas until mid to late evening. There is a strong lid on the atmosphere that we will have a tough time overcoming since the upper low is bypassing us to the north. 

Expect a weakening line of storms moving in this evening. 

It is severe weather season and FOX 7 Austin will continue to carefully monitor the situation. Download the FOX 7 Weather App and keep tabs on the weather forecasts.

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