Showers and thunderstorms possible in Central Texas, temps dip below triple digits

A combination of a tropical wave from the east and an upper-level system from the west means showers and thunderstorms will be possible through the afternoon.  A few areas could get briefly torrential rain and see some lightning though flash flooding is not expected.  Severe weather is not expected today either.

More showers will be possible off and on through the week though most will be airmass-type thunderstorms with some lightning and hyper-localized heavy rain. Rainfall totals through the week should stay below one inch.

Cooler weather moves in today with highs around 98 degrees.  Temperatures will stay seasonable through much of the week which means highs in the low to mid-90s.  The tradeoff is that humidity levels will be higher, so the heat index will feel like about 100 degrees anyway.

In the tropics, three areas of concern have popped up with two in the central Atlantic and another along the gulf coast.  The gulf coast system has a 20% chance develop into a tropical depression or storm in 5 days.  If it does develop into anything it will be a rainmaker for parts of the Texas coast.  The two systems in the Atlantic have a 70% chance and 20% of intensifying.  Both Atlantic storms should avoid the United States.

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