Weather Facts: Triple digit records

The temperatures have been soaring lately. Zack Shields takes a look at the triple digit records for the U.S. and Austin to make you feel better about the hot spell and show you how it can be worse.

The world record for the hottest temperature ever belongs to Death Valley, California. On July 10,1913 the high soared to 134 degrees.

By the way, every state has experienced triple digit heat especially here in the Lone Star State. Seymour and Monahans share the title for having the hottest temperature in Texas. Both cities have hit 120 degrees.

In Austin, the all-time record high is 112 degrees. It happened twice, on September 5, 2000 and on August 28, 2011.

Four of the hottest summers have happened since 2000.

In 2011 we ended up with 90 days in the 100s. In that same summer, we were in the century club for 27 straight days from July 17 to August 12.

Ever since 2007 when we only topped out in the 100s three times, the triple digits days have been way above average. So we are overdue for a break in the extreme heat this year.

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