Mural unveiled in Rosewood neighborhood

A new mural unveiled in a historic Austin area has some interactive features that will help visitors unlock details about the history of East Austin.

The mural is at the Rosewood Restaurant on Rosewood near 11th Street. It's called "The Hands that Nurture Us" and local artist Ernesto Hernandez created it.

What's different about the mural is that it has augmented reality which helps enhance the story it tells.

"When you put your phone up to the mural, you download an app, you will be able to see and hear the history of the images on this mural. And so it comes to life for you," Hernandez says.

The mural unveiling also served as a fundraiser for the non-profit Raasin in the sun. The organization's goal is to bring the community together for beautification, restoration and clean-up projects in and around Austin.