One third of pet owners prefer furry friends over their own kids, survey finds

There's no doubt that most pet owners adore their furry family members. In fact, some even consider them their children....but that could be bad news for their own flesh and blood.

According to a new survey from OnePoll,  about 34-percent of pet owners consider their furry kids their favorite child over their human ones! 

The poll was conducted on behalf of the pet food company I and Love and You with about 2,000 pet owners surveyed.

When it came to who participants considered their best friend, about 67-percent said their furry buddy is their BFF. The survey also uncovered other interesting results that prove the power that our beloved pets have over us:

•    78-percent consider their four-legged friends a part of the family
•    54-percent say their furry friend understands them better than their best friend or significant other
•    68-percent agree that pets are people too