Sukha Yoga offers meditation training course

An afternoon meditation training course through the lens of a Kundalini Kriya that supports creating one's own prosperity and abundance from within is being offered at Sukha Yoga.

In the course, you'll explore our human tendency of landing in our root chakra (fear - fight, flight, freeze) and acting from the root rather than moving up the energy elevator to create prosperity and abundance through choice. Attendees will learn to awaken our heart center and create the opportunity for abundance and prosperity to expand from our own natural creation rather than seeking it outside of ourselves.

The meditation will conclude with an extended 30 minute gong meditation and relaxation.

Whether your meeting a friend for a class, to pick up a few essentials in our fully stocked  retail lounge, or just come by to hang out and drop into a great book, when you walk into Sukha, you are home, you are family. Come and see why, at Sukha, life is so so sweet. 

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