11-year-old Frank Giaccio mows White House lawn after writing President Trump

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11-year-old Frank Giaccio mows White House lawn after writing President Trump

An 11-year-old Virginia boy got an early start mowing the White House lawn Friday morning.

Frank Giaccio sent a letter to President Donald Trump earlier this year offering to cut the grass at the White House for free. His letter was shared by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a press briefing last month.

Giaccio, known to his family and friends as "FX," finally got to fulfill his wish as he put on his glasses and ear plugs to cut the grass at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sanders tweeted a picture Friday morning showing Giaccio dressed in shorts and pushing his lawnmower. Huckabee wrote, "Frank is hard at work in the Rose Garden and doing a great job!"

While he was mowing the lawn in the Rose Garden, he saw President Trump out of the corner of his eye.

“I saw him walking down, so I thought, ‘Oh, he’s just going to the Oval Office,’” FX told FOX 5.

But the president walked up towards the young boy and showered him with praise in front of the cameras, even saying that maybe FX will be president one day.

FX said Trump even told him privately “that I was doing better than the National Park Service. But he said, ‘Don’t tell them that.’”

After he finished mowed the entire Rose Garden, FX and his father Greg got the VIP treatment with a visit to the Oval Office, press briefing room and more.

“We were even allowed in prohibited areas,” said FX.

FX had no idea his offer to help would attract so much attention. He not only got a chance to meet President Trump, but he also became somewhat of a media star. Everyone wanted to get in a question about his lawnmowing.

“First I had an interview at Fox, then with CNN,” FX said. “Then I mowed the Rose Garden. Then I had a huge amount of interviews afterwards and I didn’t see it coming.”

He said the experience of cutting the White House lawn was pretty easy compared to mowing his neighbors' lawns. FX told us his most of his clients have hilly lawns while the Rose Garden is flat and was no trouble at all for him.