2 killed, another injured in deadly Northeast Austin home invasion

Austin police are investigating a deadly home invasion in Northeast Austin Tuesday night. APD received numerous 911 calls of shots fired.

APD Officer Bino Cadenas said when police arrived they found one woman with obvious trauma to her body, another person with obvious trauma to their body and a third person injured. Detectives investigated multiple scenes throughout the complex.

Residents were evacuated while others were told to take shelter. Alison Gutierrez received an email from management asking tenants to stay in place while police conduct their search. Frightened, Gutierrez said she didn’t leave her place till morning.

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 "We didn't receive a follow-up email the whole night, even this morning,” said Gutierrez. “I did have to call 311 one to try to get an update and try to figure out what was going on to see if it's safe to even leave our home."

APD’s Crime Viewer site shows there have been three reported home burglaries in the area within a year and one robbery. One tenant who didn't want to speak on camera said he would like to see an increase in security in the area.

It's unknown whether the homeowners who opened fire will face any charges. Local gun expert Michael Cargill said the Texas Castle doctrine could protect them.


"The Texas Castle doctrine means that if anyone unlawfully enters or removes you from your home, your vehicle, or your place of business, you can use force or deadly force to stop them," Cargill said.

Cargill said the law is in place to keep families safe at home. A bill passed last September prohibits landlords from banning renters and their guests from carrying firearms in lease agreements.

The investigation is ongoing. Police have not confirmed whether the suspects and the tenants in the deadly shooting knew one another.