Families of those lost to gun violence call for action at 5th annual March for Our Lives rally

Families affected by gun violence gathered in front of the Capitol Saturday morning for the 5th annual March For Our Lives rally. 

"I love my March For Our Lives family, but I wish I never had the reason to meet them. I wish they never had a reason to form. I wish for a future where our youth don't have to fight but get to enjoy their childhood," said Brett Cross, father of Uziyah "Uzi" Garcia.

Those gathered at the Capitol are demanding legislature to take immediate action.

"Texas lawmakers, especially Republicans Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick. What are you going to do? I know you don't want to hear any more of your well-rehearsed platitudes about how guns don't kill people," said one speaker.

Parents and young advocates are fighting for Senate Bill 145, a bill to raise the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon.

"We want expanded background checks. We want a ban on assault weapons.  We want safe storage protections and other commonsense reforms that.  We know will save lives," said one speaker.

"All of us want to turn back time and.  End the daily nightmares so we can hold our children tight once again," said Gloria Cazares, mother of Jacklyn Cazares.

"We're one of the many families affected by gun violence. One of the many families affected by a mass shooting. Let us one day be the last Jacqueline, our child is. How we miss you, your hugs and your love. Just as for you will soon come forward," said Javier Cazares, father of Jacklyn Cazares.

Parents of Uvalde victims say this has been going on too long and no other family should feel the pain they went through on May 24th, 2022.

"These children should be growing older and continuing to make memories with their families. But they remained children," said Cazares.