ACL festival-goers not letting Vegas fears take over

The epic John Williams Star Wars theme echoed through Zilker Park at 11:00 on Friday morning as the gates officially opened at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

ACL organizers say there are some new perks this year -- more shade, a new stage across the street at Barton Springs, a wine lounge...

Dan Caren and his family parked their collapsible chairs right on the edge of where chairs are allowed to be.

“We come every year and get out here early, get our spots, have our whole day mapped out. it's an awesome part of Austin,” he said.

As great of an event as ACL is -- the horrific mass shooting at a musical festival in Las Vegas last week is looming over this festival. Security has been stepped up, pat downs, bag checks.

“Feel good in terms of the way that they checked the security and the way they kind of control the event,” said Tom Bodin said.

Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the department is increasing patrols...some officers will be seen, others under cover.

Along with extra help from the Department of Public Safety.

ACL organizers did allow refunds for those worried about safety.  But for the festival-goers we talked with, they're not letting fear get to them.

“It’s one of those things, we’ve got to keep getting up and having fun and not let something like that really deter us from living our lives,” Bodin said.

“You know it could happen anywhere.  I’m not going to just stay home you know it' is to be lived not to be afraid of,” Caren said.