Activists rally to protect East Austin park from becoming future soccer stadium

Casey Ramos says, "Having places like this to play and exercise I wouldn't have developed the skills necessary to be an athlete," said Ramos.

After outcry from Austin City Council Member Ann Kitchen and Austin residents, Precourts Sports Ventures decided to pull Butler Shores from the list.

East Austin residents said they too are concerned about the traffic and environmental dangers that come along with a 20,000 seat stadium. "When was the last time you saw a fox, saw a turkey come out at the right time of day when it's quiet and you'll see those things here," said Roy Waley.

Linda Guerrero, the daughter of Roy G. Guerrero, said she hopes MLS values the nature and the beauty of the park just like her father did. "It's an amazing view that we've retained at this park and the wildlife is spectacular here," said Guerrero.

And while sports lovers like Ramos are excited to see a major league team here in Austin, "I love that we want to bring big sports teams here, I love UT but we need something other than UT also we need professional sports teams that's going to add to the economy that's going to help things grow,' said Ramos.

He hopes just not at a place where kids need it the most. "Our youth are overlooked, our wildlife is overlooked, and they deserve a place to come and seek refuge," said Ramos.