Adelbert's Brewery box truck stolen

Adelbert's Brewery says one of its box trucks was stolen on June 29.

The brewery says the truck is an International 4300 box truck with Adelbert's Brewery on the sides with the license plate number DXW 8015. The truck contained 14 barrels of spent grain and no beer.

General Manager and Head of Marketing Sarah Haney tells FOX 7 that the missing truck impacts the brewery in three different ways.

Haney says the main impact is on the brewery's ability to get rid of its spent grain. She says the truck would be loaded up with spent grain barrels and a local farmer would take the truck to his farm for unloading.

The truck was also used as the brewery's main way of transporting finished products to the warehouse and moving items between bays. Haney says for the short term a neighbor has agreed to drive a forklift over for short runs in return for beer.

Haney says the missing truck also affects the brewery's loaning of its canning line to Armadillo Canning. An agreement had just been reached last week that Armadillo Canning would use the truck when borrowing Adelbert's canning line but Haney says that's no longer an option.

The missing truck will not affect distribution, Haney says, because Adelbert's no longer self distributes and distributors driver their own trucks to pick up shipments.