Armed robbery suspect arrested after returning to same store near UT Austin

University of Texas at Austin police (UTPD) arrested an aggravated robbery suspect after he returned to the same store less than two hours later.

It started around 5:20 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19 in the 2000 block of Guadalupe. Investigators say a non UT-affiliated suspect entered a store, took an item and pointed a handgun at a store employee.

"It’s still scary to think about because even though it is a BB gun. I mean anything could happen," said Austin resident Regan Rex.

"At 5:30 p.m., the report was made to UT Police Department. Officers responded. The witnesses stated that the weapon had an orange plastic tip on the end of it and a suspect description was given," says UTPD Investigations officer Lt. Layne Smith.

UTPD began a search for the suspect.


Police say around 7 p.m., the suspect, 36-year-old Bradley Jamar Goodman, returned to the store and was arrested for aggravated robbery. Officers say a BB gun that matched the description of the weapon used in the earlier robbery was found in the suspect's waistband.

"It was kind of like silly almost because it is kind of interesting that someone used a BB gun, and they thought that would be a good idea," says Austin resident Maddie Mercer.

Residents that shop at the nearby Target, and frequent the area, are shocked the crime happened so close to the campus.

"It is just sad that they felt they had to do that," said Mercer.

"I noticed crime has gotten worse over the years. So, we are just careful where we are walking, we are always together," said Rex.

Following the aggravated robbery, UTPD asked residents to alert officers of any abnormal activity right away.

"It's recommended that our community call 911 immediately when they feel unsafe. They see something suspicious, anything that they feel like ‘I should call the police,’ yes call the police," said Lt. Smith.

No injuries were reported.