AISD moving bus stops in South Austin

Austin Independent School District officials are moving two school bus stops on Manchaca Road near Sedgemoor Trail in South Austin. They both share space with CapMetro stops and sit across the street from each other. 

Upset parents reached out about one of the “dangerous” stops Wednesday. They say many cars do not stop for the bus on the busy road and pointed out that the stop across the street had a similar problem. 

Anastasia Pedigo, 14, uses one of the bus stops.

“It gave me a bunch of anxiety just getting off of the bus, ‘cause I was just worried about, somebody was gonna run me over, or another kid over. So, that was very stressful for me,” she said. 

Jayden Brewer is on the same bus as Pedigo. The situation is even more dangerous for the 12-year-old as she has a degenerative eye disease.

“Cars keep speeding, they keep going, like on the side of the bus driver, and they don’t stop,” she said. 

AISD officials sent a crew out to assess the stops Thursday and on Friday, sent a bus out to explore alternate stops and notified FOX 7 that they will be moving both school bus stops. 

“The bus stop should have never been put here, it’s a busy street. I just don’t understand. So, yeah, I’m pleasantly, surprised. I’m happy they’re doing it.” said Heather Pedigo, Anastasia’s mother. 

The northbound stop on Manchaca will move approximately .1 mile away, and the southbound stop will move .3 to .4 of a mile away. 

“I don’t mind walking as long as we’re safe that’s all that matters,” said Anastasia Pedigo. 

Officials will reveal the new location of the stops when they make an official announcement. It is important to note these changes have not yet taken effect and officials do not anticipate making an announcement for several days.