AISD sees increase in ‘failure to stop for buses' citations

AISD is reminding drivers this spring semester to monitor their driving while school is in session.

In 2016 12,936 citations were given and in 17, 244 were given.

The majority of those citations were to Austin residents.

However, the district has seen a decrease in repeat offenders. The district launched the bus-stop arm program in February following two incidents where students were hit by cars.

AISD bus driver Gonzalo Acevedo said he sees drivers speed past buses when they are stopped every day. "Every day some driver just passes even though we have a camera right there they are filming everything but still they‘re not paying attention," Acevedo said.

People who fail to stop for school buses in Austin can face up to $1,250.

All traffic in both directions need to come to a complete stop.