Alex Jones trial: Jones mocks Sandy Hook parent in latest Infowars episode, takes stand

Conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones took the stand for the first time in his defamation damages trial.

Jones' lawyer, F. Andino Reynal called him to the stand to talk about his background in radio and television. He then talked about what his show is, comparing it to a show like ‘The View,’ saying he is a pundit and often talks about his opinion. 

He mentioned the public is not seeing the full scope of what was said on his show about the Sandy Hook shooting.

"Over six to seven years you can see the progression of us trying to find out what happened. People have said that I personally am trying to hurt them or coming after them.  I question every big event, and a lot of times it turns out I have not been told the whole truth," said Jones.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis also took the stand on Tuesday. Heslin said Jones' broadcasts have negatively impacted his and Lewis’ lives.


"When you hear these things, ‘Sandy Hook didn't happen. You never held your child. Your child never existed.’ Are you having encounters in public about these?" said attorney Wesley Ball.

"I do, I have," said Heslin.

Heslin said Jones has not been held accountable for the lies perpetuated on Infowars, including doubts that he held his son's body. "Many other people saw Jesse with a bullet hole in his head. It was an open casket," said Heslin.

When Lewis took the stand, she described her son Jesse's role in saving other students that day of the shooting.

"His gun either jammed or ran out of bullets and during the short delay he actually stood up to the shooter," she said, about shooter Adam Lanza and his encounter with Jesse.

Lewis had a message for Jones, who sat across from her during her testimony: "You are spreading lies, fear and falsehoods and deception."

Jones spoke to the media, shortly before taking the stand himself. He said he has a right to say certain things.

"All I did was speculate and ask questions. I have a right to do that. It has been the lawyers, the Democratic Party and the whole Sandy Hook anti-gun crew that have attached themselves to me for years," he said.

Later during the trial, the attorneys for Heslin and Lewis played an Infowars show episode that was recorded on the same day, shortly after Heslin's testimony. Jones spoke about that testimony during the episode.

"He's slow ok. His ex-wife is not," said Jones in his episode clip shown in court, adding in the clip, "He acts like somebody on the spectrum."

The jury is tasked with determining how much Jones will pay the parents, and how much the court will punish him with.