Anterix partnership brings 4G/5G research network to Texas State

Texas State University has partnered with Anterix, a private broadband network company, to establish a university-wide, cutting-edge, 4G/5G broadband network.

With Anterix’s 900MHz broadband spectrum, Texas State will be in a league of its own once the system is fully implemented. The only other major research institution with this license is the National Renewable Energy Lab.

"We're the only university that has such a license. We get to do research and development in 4G and 5G using 900-megahertz spectrum," said Andres Carvallo, professor of innovation and a fellow of the Materials Applications Research Center at Texas State. "No other university is doing that."

"This is a network that we deploy, that we own. This is not AT&T or Verizon. It's our own network," Carvallo said. "Performance improves dramatically when you don't have 20 million people using the network.

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