APD investigating downtown arrest caught on video

The Austin Police Department says it is investigating an arrest made by two officers downtown.

Video of the incident was posted on social media and showed one of the officers punching a man on the ground. APD Chief Brian Manley says not much can be said at this time but he says they are reviewing the incident.

Patrick King witnessed what happened. He says he and his friends were enjoying their night out on July 3rd out on 4th Street when they came across a crowd of people outside of a bar called Rain.

King says he saw a man in the center of the crowd pinned to the ground by two police officers.


The officers are shouting commands for the man to turn over and telling a woman yelling frantically to say back. Without hesitating, King says he pulled out his cell phone and started recording. 

"My heart felt like it was pounding as he was, with each punch," King says. "It upset me because I felt like there was so many more ways about going about the situation like that."

A manager for Rain could not comment on what led to the incident outside the bar or what condition the unidentified man in the vide was in.

King shared his video on Twitter and it's been retweeted more than 900 times. But it only captures a portion of what happened.

"What I hope to see out of this is just kind of an explanation. Just some justice as to why this happened," King says.

Surveillance video from Rain has reportedly been shared with APD. Chief Manley says the incident will be sent up the officer chain of command.