Armed police search San Marcos neighborhood following break in, sexual assault

San Marcos police are searching for a person who broke into a home and sexually assaulted someone at The Retreat, an apartment complex. The city tweeted about how it was similar to the sexual assault just last week at the Cottage Apartments.

Thursday afternoon, authorities completely blocked off Crest Drive as they searched the area with guns drawn. It’s just down the road from The Retreat apartments where the sexual assault happened.

FOX 7 crews were there as police went door to door armed. People had to leave their homes. Our crews did not see them take anyone into custody since they’ve been out here.

“Honestly it was pretty crazy our street is usually really quiet,” said Claudia Pharr.

Pharr and Maddison Cline where in their homes off crest drive in San Marcos  Thursday when police flooded the area. “Actually walked outside in my robe and I went back inside and put on some clothes. People were everywhere and the cops were everywhere,” said Cline.

Roads were blocked off as police searched the neighborhood.

“People were trying to leave to take their finals and they weren’t really letting people in or out of our street so it’s been a pretty big hastle today,” said Pharr.

According to a spokes person with the San Marcos Police Department, Thursday’s scene is possibly linked to another which happened at The Retreat apartments down the road earlier in the day.

There, the city said, someone broke into a home and sexually assaulted someone.  An incident they say is similar to one which happened a week ago at the Cottage Apartments. In this case police say a woman was sexually assault after she came home to find a man, described to be a black male in his 20s, hiding behind her bedroom door.

Cline said these recent crimes has everyone on edge in the area. “It’s definitely scary makes you want to lock your doors,” said Cline.

So far San Marcos police has not confirmed if its the same suspect in both cases. While our crews didn’t see anyone get taken into custody they did see them tow away a vehicle before they cleared the scene. You can count on us to keep you updated on this developing story.



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